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May 17

I get a lot of blogs through on my feed, and am always finding interesting ideas, stories and little nuggets of gold. Every now and then I’ll be posting a round-up of what I think is useful. These posts all have a relevance to your confidence and self-esteem, and all have insights into what can damage how you see yourself and into what can build real confidence. That’s why I want to share them with you.

  1. Getting What I Ask For
    Ami Spencer discovers that she has new powers and is getting out there and learning how to use them. A great post that demonstrates exactly what can happen when you start building your self-confidence.
  2. Twenty Something Advice: Always Second Guess but Never Regret
    While I disagree with the advice to “Second guess yourself, always“, this post touches on that biggest of questions – ‘What If?’
  3. Be Good at What You Do – Even If You Don’t Like It
    Holly Hoffman’s posts are always worth a read, and this one about making a choice to engage with something – even if it’s not your first choice – is a particularly good example. I learned this same lesson myself last year (a little later in life than Holly learned it!) and it’ll be the subject of a future post.
  4. Does Gen Y Really Want to Change the World?
    Ryan’s a popular and well known Gen Y blogger, and this post ask committed Gen Y’ers are to changing things around them. How compatible is the easy-going, selective behaviour that’s common among Gen Y’ers with real engagement and committment? Some interesting thoughts.
  5. Balancing or juggling… the very fine line
    There’s way too much talk about personal productivity and how to squeeze more time out of your day. Some of it might be useful, but a lot of it missing a key point – that it’s okay to slow down and it’s okay not to be super-productive sometimes. This post from Jen Dalitz demonstrates that perfectly.
  6. How to step up and have anything but a normal career
    Rebecca’s blog is one of my favourites and I love seeing what she’s learning as she moves around her life. This post is all about having the balls to take a leap…
  7. How to Avoid Burnout
    Naomi Dunford is a new feed into my reader, and a very welcome one. This article takes the subject of Jen’s post and mixes it up with the need to engage with something that matters. A worthwhile read.
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  • Rebecca

    Thanks so much, Steve, for the link and kind words! These are all great bloggers and I found one new one too!

  • Steve

    You’re very welcome Rebecca 😀
    Keep doing what you’re doing.