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Steve’s always happy to contribute confidence related features in print and in the media. If you have a requirement that could use his input feel free to get in touch.

Steve Errey
From the UK: 0845 644 3001
International: +44 1892 541090

Short Bio

Steve Errey is a confidence coach with hundreds of clients under his belt from all around the world, articles in magazines on both sides of the Atlantic and regular expert slots on television and radio. Before all that, he was a Project Manager in e-Business, travelling the world helping organisations with all things e-Business (yawn, stretch). He has been through redundancy (when the Internet bubble burst), depression and a debt management plan. Steve is also writing his first novel.

Long Bio

Steve Errey is the author of the Truly Confident Living Home Study Course, writes confidence advice and works one on one with a new breed of professional women. He sees that true self-confidence is a much neglected subject and a growing problem among young professionals – the emphasis on delivery and performance in today’s organisations has leaked into our personal lives, and it’s missing the point entirely.

Steve has a reputation for talking sense, and some of his advice and strategies fly in the face of accepted ‘norms’ and traditional coaching methods, like shaking in your boots doesn’t mean you lack confidence, if you fake it ‘til you it make you’ll only ever become a big faker and setting goals for yourself doesn’t work.

He’s featured widely in the media, from magazines such as Men’s Fitness and Cosmopolitan, to appearances on TV Shows on the BBC and Channel 4, to regular expert slots on the radio where he takes calls and has been known to engage in some healthy banter.

Errey began coaching in 2001 following redundancy from his high-flying e-Business career and a subsequent period of taking a cocktail of anti-depressants to battle depression. Putting his self-confidence together piece by piece, Steve’s has test-driven much of what he now writes about and offers in his one to one work. For the last 4 years he’s also been writing a fortnightly ezine that’s read by thousands of people right around the world.

As a confidence coach, Steve recognises that he’s allowed to be silly and laugh until he cries as well as being a grown-up. After all, if he doesn’t let himself be himself, then he’s hardly in the best position to advise others on how to confidently be themselves, right…?

Errey is committed to taking people to a place where they’re truly confident and have the tools they need to live a truly confident life. He believes that it’s this that makes the difference between a life full of struggle and frustration, and a life that just feels a heck of a lot more ‘you’.

Photo’s of Steve

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