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About Steve Errey, the Confidence Guy

The Basics.

Gemini.  Size 8.  Blue/grey.

Hi – I’m Steve.  Good to meet you.

Often inappropriate, often found laughing at things that nobody else seems to find funny and often saying the obvious thing, I’m Steve.  And I’m a confidence coach.

I’ve been coaching since 2002, and I do things a little differently to most other coaches out there.  See, I’ve found that a lot of the collective wisdom that’s the stock and trade of the personal development business (things like goal setting and positive thinking) doesn’t actually work.

That’s why I stopped basing my work on conventional wisdom and started getting better results for my clients instead.

I’ve seen that natural confidence makes the difference between spinning your wheels to achieve things that don’t really matter and engaging with the things that truly matter to experience real, meaningful success. So I put everything I’ve learned together and developed my own coaching method that gets entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to bring out their natural confidence.  I call it Truly Confident Living.

I think it’s pretty special.  But I would say that, coz I put it together.

The point of it all is to help you work through the frequently terrifying, overwhelming, Big Scary stuff that gets in the way of real success; the kind of success that actually means something to you.  My coaching method gives you all the tools you need to navigate through the toughest of tough times, no matter what life throws at you.

So this blog is the right place for you if:

  • you’ve seen your ideas collect dust, and you want to see something happen instead.
  • you know how it feels to be shaking in your boots when you’re faced with a big, important challenge.
  • you want to stop playing games and find the confidence to really get things shifting.
  • you’re tired of hearing that voice in your head telling you that you can’t.
  • you bounce between your comfort zone and sheer terror and want to find a sweet spot somewhere between the two.
  • you want to take steps to get of that job that’s dragging you down and do something that matters instead
  • you second guess your decisions or get stuck in analysis-paralysis.
  • you’re tired of conventional wisdom and want something that works.

I post here regularly so be sure to get all the latest confidence tips by RSS or email, and if feel like joining in with the comments then that would be grand.  Either way, I hope you like what I’ve done with the place and let me know what’s happening with you on steve at theconfidenceguyonline dot com.

30 facts about Steve

  1. I choked on a grape when I was 5 and nearly bought the farm. Mum was shaking me up and down by my ankles while I turned a nice shade of blue.
  2. I was born in a small town in East Sussex in 1971. I’m a 70’s child but still not quite a grown-up.
  3. I accumulated about £60,000 worth of debt in my 20’s as I went around the world thinking that I had all the money in the world. I’m still paying it off.
  4. I don’t understand sport at all.
  5. My favourite karaoke tune is ‘Beyond the Sea’, and I sing it darn well.
  6. Good food and drink are my favourites, so it’s a miracle that I’ve weighed 66 kilo’s ever since I was a teenager.
  7. I’m a bit of a romantic, and I’m still looking for that someone who can be my partner in crime (although we won’t be committing any actual crimes). The thought makes me smile.
  8. I had a Kalashnikov rifle pushed in my face as I crossed the Romanian border in 1989, when I refused to give the border guard my walkman.
  9. My Dad is the strongest and funniest man I know.
  10. I have knobbly knees.
  11. I want to write a hit TV comedy sketch show and have come up with a bunch of characters who make me laugh out loud.
  12. I love the whole ethos behind superheroes. The idea that with great power comes great responsibility is such a compelling one. I’ve chosen to use my powers for good. You?
  13. A nap after lunch is one of my favourite treats. So nice.
  14. My all time favourite TV shows include Moonlighting, thirtysomething, Seinfeld, Twin Peaks and Masterchef.
  15. I’ve written a novel called ‘The Kissing Stopped’, which I’m currently rewriting ready to send out to agents.
  16. I was in a TV advert for a yoghurt drink in Morocco. It tasted disgusting.
  17. I love being around people and am in my element when socialising. I also love my own space, watching my favourite show or playing a little PlayStation 3.
  18. I have 2 older sisters who amaze me with how much more they know about life than me.
  19. My favourite words are discombobulated, specificity and play.
  20. I love vanilla. My favourite deserts are New York baked vanilla cheesecake and crème brulee.
  21. One of my ambitions is to live half of the year in the UK and half in the US.
  22. When I was 5 years old I made up a joke. Wanna hear it? “Yes I do want an apple, no I don’t want an apple“. Such a grasp of irony at such a young age…
  23. For a Brit it seems I have an odd accent. In the past people have thought I’m American, Canadian, South African, Australian and Dutch. Weird.
  24. I love laughing, and consequently humour is amazingly important to me.
  25. The best steak I’ve ever eaten was in the Waldorf hotel in New York City at a friend’s wedding. It still makes me smile.
  26. Alongside my coaching I freelance as a Project Manager for ad agencies in London too. Consequently most of my spare time is spent coaching or writing, which is tough. Sometimes I just wanna schlep around a bit.
  27. I have 3 nephews and a niece ranging from 2 to 20 years old, and they’re all flippin’ brilliant.
  28. I make the best bolognese sauce in the world. Fact.
  29. In my 20’s I had a big alcohol problem. Got to the point where I’d be having gin & tonics for breakfast and couldn’t function without having alcohol in my system.
  30. I’m a bit of a control freak, which I’m constantly doing my best to, erm, control.

Here’s what a handful of clients have to say…(and more here)

The emotional and insightful rewards that came after doing each exercise, were unbelievable. I had epiphany after epiphany! Once you have given that to yourself you simply can’t forget it. It re-programs you to notice, accept and change direction, even if you do fall off the wagon, which is only human, it’s OK because you get back on.”
Tonya from LA

Steve’s approach to coaching is refreshing, practical, intuitive and creative. I look forward to each session and actually enjoy doing the homework!”
Ian B. from London

“…what I really learnt was to believe in myself more, to take action when I feel confused, rather than spending too much time thinking and not enough time doing.”
Nathalie Hourihan from London

I learned a hell of a lot about myself, what I want and how to get it!”
Mark Else from Sydney

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done – without all of your input, support and advice I definitely would not have got this far!! I will be ever indebted to you.”
Jason Pearson from London

talking with Steve helped me see my situation more clearly, gave me the impetus to face my challenges, and with Steve’s help, find a way around the barriers – all in just two sessions!”
Barbara Bishop from Brighton

It’s been a unique and practical experience which will benefit me long after it’s finished.”
Joseph Quinn from New Zealand

If you felt like I needed to hear it you told me. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but I know that it worked for me!”
Sally Courtney from St Albans

You really helped us both out by giving us the tools to make the decisions we needed to make. And it’s all worked out really well, in fact, it couldn’t have worked out better!”
Susan Coffey from Stratford

I enjoy being coached, it’s nice having someone out there who’s removed from my immediate surroundings and can help me see things in black and white.

You are both a coach and a mentor to me and I appreciate your insights, understanding and advice. You are also able to read between the lines from the tone of my voice, my emails, etc and you’re always spot on!”
Agnes Costa-Correa from London

It’s been a journey of real understanding and acceptance which is very rare to find…”
Kerry-Lyn Stanton-Jones from London

I’m back to thinking that I could do anything rather than dreading a life of shut off suburbanisation. As self indulgent as a block of chocolate but without the calories. Safe, secure & respectful, and a great opportunity to really drive life rather than be a passenger.”
Wendy Paroissien from Oxfordshire

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